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Welcome to the Crooked Carrot!

We are a local food processing business based in Ithaca, NY, making fresh, fermented, and shelf-stable products and sourcing 100% of our fresh ingredients from farms within 50 miles of Ithaca, NY.  We sell our products at farmers' markets, as well as grocery stores and co-ops throughout the Northeast.
In addition to our own products, we co-pack products for local farms, run a "pop-up" local food store at the Syracuse Regional Market (Little Ithaca Collective), source and chop local fruits and vegetables for over 1200 elementary school students in the Fresh Snack Program, and rent our licensed facility as a shared-use kitchen for other food businesses and farms.

We also offer consulting services to food-processing businesses, and are available for speaking and classes.

And in our spare time, we make a killer doughnut.

Fresh Snack Program

We're beginning a new enterprise at Crooked Carrot, partnering with the Youth Farm Project's Fresh Snack program to source, chop, and deliver over 1200 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to children in the Ithaca City School District twice per week.

Not only will this improve access to healthy food, but it will also create a new market for local farms - with an anticipated 3000 lbs. of new produce sales in the first year alone. For more information, check out the Ithaca Voice's recent article on this program.



While we just got this new website up and running, we have lots more in the works including:
  • a map showing where you can find our products
  • an online store! 
  • more information about the services we offer
  • profiles for the local farms and organizations we work with
  • information for wholesale buyers
  • information abut how to rent our kitchen
...and much more!
Keep checking back as we add new features!